Opening - ErgoWall at FitOne Frankfurt

Climbing fun for everyone

Static exercise using high-tech machines is outdated. The latest fitness trend is a workout that gives sports enthusiasts the chance to push themselves to the limits while being gentle on the joints, muscles and tendons.

ErgoWall sets entirely new standards when it comes to training for climbing. On this innovative, multi-purpose fitness machine, you can reach high altitudes while staying near the ground. What makes ErgoWall so special is its versatility: Thanks to a wide range of selectable settings, ErgoWall is adaptable to your personal training goals.

Features such as speed, wall inclination and level of difficulty can be adjusted to suit your needs. This ensures a high level of motivation, a fun time and great training results.

Climbing not only improves your athletic performance by increasing your strength and flexibility, but it’s also a great deal of fun. And the best part about it is: You get your body into shape!


Lease returns

Attention: 2 year guarantee!!

We have got two lease returns, which are back and completely overtaken after a successful application in a climbing hall and fitness center: The special sales price amounts 20.800,- € per system. Delivery, assembly and installation upon consultation.

Watch out, climbing fans: ErgoWall, our innovative climbing wall, now comes on wheels!


From August 26–28, ErgoWall was presented to a fascinated audience at the town fair in Siegburg.

Instead of being limited to indoor use, ErgoWall now opens up all new possibilities. The new ErgoWall trailer is easy to transport, convert and use – for unlimited climbing fun everywhere you go!


Talk On Therapeutic Climbing

In the September issue of pt_Zeitschrift für Physiotherapeuten, a German magazine for physiotherapists, Jens Brünhes, pysiotherapist und ClimbInstructor, gives answers to many questions. Find out if therapeutic climbing is the right thing for you.


ErgoWall is as diverse as its users. Not only can the program, intensity and level of difficulty can be adjusted to suit your needs, but the climbing grips also offer a wide range of possibilities – whether for therapeutic purposes or for recreational climbing.