ErgoWall is as diverse as its users. Not only can the program, intensity and level of difficulty can be adjusted to suit your needs, but the climbing grips also offer a wide range of possibilities – whether for therapeutic purposes or for recreational climbing.

The specially designed climbing grips for ErgoWall are ergonomically shaped and offer a firm grip for both hands and feet. This not only makes for a safe and effective workout, but also offers a highly individualized training thanks to the various arrangements of the grips.

Physio Climb

Back to Basics

All good things need time to take shape: pursuing one’s goals continuously and step-by-step, taking control of one’s body. Patients with special training needs often appreciate simple yet effective therapy methods. Whether it’s leg axis training, improvement in flexibility or back exercises: the newly developed PhysioClimb training concept enables patients with various disease patterns to enjoy specific treatment. What’s so special is that this type is treatment requires no technology!

Small in Size, big on Quality

Space in practices and therapy centers is often limited. To make innovative and high-quality exercise opportunities possible nonetheless, PhysioClimb has developed a unique training concept for state-of-the-art climbing walls. This way, patients will also get their faire share of exercise in small locations.

A gentle Climb

Climbing a steep wall? Patients who prefer staying on firm ground often have difficulties to undergo climbing training. Fortunately, PhysioClimb has created just the right product for patients who like to keep it simple. Thanks to the PhysioClimb training concept and the matching climbing walls, even absolute beginners have the chance to take off at full throttle and enjoy great success. Simple step sequences using ergonomically shaped grips makes for an effective workout and a secure hold.